Goodmood started in 2010, through the combination of a young technical team with experienced business management and leadership.
There was, from the beginning, an express desire to innovate and modernize in the field, with an integrated, professional and customized service, with different materials from the most commonly used.
The creation of a new product, Light Steel Framing Bungalows, brought recognition. These units were designed based on a new way of living Nature, keeping the priority on a high level of interior comfort. Transportable and practical, efficient and sustainable, Goodmood Bungalows entered the market to reach what was also becoming a new trend.
Since then, goodmood has been gradually developing more complex projects. Applying our work philosophy allows us to attract new projects, touristic and residential, which embrace the same values and materialize them in more scales and shapes. We develop projects in an integrated process, in which we centralize procedures and guarantee their completion with quality and reliability. We embrace challenges more and more demanding and skill up the service offer in our country, with national and international clients.


Our relationship with clients, established throughout the providing of our services is characterized by proximity and customization. In the projects we build, we follow up the implementation of what was previously thought and detailed, and we clarify and inform the client about the all developments on site. This allows to bring greater security and tranquility to those who choose us. The evolution of residential projects, now with bigger scales and complexity, and the rehabilitation of apartments and housing spaces, show that.


Goodmood’s progress and growth has also promoted our place in the tourism market. The way we provide customer service, working methods and differentiation, with concerns such as sustainability, quality and durability, energy and acoustic efficiency, and the use of innovative materials and techniques, brought us Tourist Projects in which the life with Nature, respect for the environment, and design are priority points.


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