Location: Lisboa

Typology: Apartment refurbishing

Area: 150 sqm

Architecture: Goodmood


The intervention started from the need to convert an office floor into two apartments with the original functional type, left-right apartments. A special attention was given to the infrastructural project, specifically because the project program proposed the kitchen relocation from the preexisting area in the original building project to the opposite side of the apartments, creating an open space between for the cooking, meal and living area facing the north elevation of the building.

In the center we have a circulation area that contains a storage and laundry space and the south facade communicates contains the three rooms windows.

The space was designed with a logic of intimacy protection with the creation of two halls connected by the circulation corridor, with white and wood being the dominant textures. The area on the south of these circulation is more intimate and the area at north is social.


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